A Shard is a piece of the Core


Originally, the Shards were pieces of the Core on the Rushers' home planet. When Sudden Death attacked the planet to take control of it, the Rushers drilled into the core and blew up the planet, which caused their arrival to Earth. Upon landing, the Core was divided into 32 Shards, each one resembling a different NFL team Logo.


Here is the list of known shards with their respective teams and locations

  • San Diego Chargers-On top of the stadium's viewscreen
  • New Orleans Saints-On the pole of a goal post (Stolen)
  • New York Giants-On the inner wall
  • Denver Broncos-In the eye of the Bronco Statue on top of the stadium's viewscreen (Stolen)
  • Indianapolis Colts-On top of the large window. (Stolen)
  • Detroit Lions-(Formerly) On the pole of a goal post, now inside a tackle dummy
  • Seattle Seahawks-(Presumed) On top of the Stadium's viewscreen (Stolen)